Membership Benefits

Benefits of membership


LINEKA is a source of information in all areas related to freight forwarding and logistics business.

Information on:
  • Events organised by the Association;
  • events organised by the Association's partners in Lithuania and abroad.
  • Lithuanian public authorities' activities in the field of transprot;
  • Cooperation offers from foreign freight forwarders and logistics providers;
  • News from other countries.

LNEA LINEKA is a member of FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations. This makes it possible to check the level of compliance with international standards of a particular freight forwarding organisation that has become a member of LINEKA.

  • FIATA information on the latest trends, practices, issues and standards in the freight forwarding and logistics business;
  • Participation in international events and FIATA congresses at various levels.
  • Access to FIATA documents
Lithuanian freight forwarders' organisation, which is directly involved in FIATA activities, by becoming a member of LNEA LINEKA, would be better able to align the global and local interests of this business.
  • LINEKA member = FIATA associate member

LINEKA is a way of being heard: the association mobilises its members for joint lobbying activities and lobbies on behalf of the association for the benefit of all its members.

  • Representation of interests in public authorities
  • Delegation of representatives of members to relevant working groups of public authorities
  • Participation in the legislative process by submitting proposals to the government, ministries and other legislators.

LINEKA is looking for opportunities to focus on a wide range of business improvement projects, such as staff development, sustainable development of organisations, innovation of organisations, etc. In these areas, seeking not only local but also international resources

  • Training for FIATA Diploma
  • Seminars
  • Roundtable discussions with the highest levels of government and business.
Participation in LINEKA's formal and informal life improves the focus and community spirit of freight forwarders, provides new impulses for internal communication and club activities.
  • Annual meetings of members at the Association's Congresses and festive events
LINEKA takes care of the integrated communication of the Association's members, i.e. image creation, management of joint communication projects.
  • Making the image of LINEKA members in the media
  • Opportunity to publish company news on news section
  • Logo on the front page of

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