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FIATA documents

FIATA has created several documents and forms to establish a uniform standard for use by freight forwarders worldwide. The documents are easily distinguishable as each has a distinctive colour and carries the FIATA logo.

FIATA documents have an excellent reputation and are recognised as documents of tradition and trust. They have greatly contributed in the past to the facilitation of international exchanges and will continue in the future to be valuable instruments in the service of world trade.

FIATA FCR – The Forwarders Certificate of Receipt was introduced by FIATA for use by international freight forwarders within the organisation of FIATA. The FIATA FCR document enables the freight forwarder to provide consignor with a special document as an official acknowledgement that he has assumed responsibility of the goods.

FIATA FCT – Forwarders Certificate of Transport. By issuing the FIATA FCT document to the consignor, the freight forwarder certifies that he has assumed responsibility to dispach the delivery of specific goods according toinstruction he has received from consignor as indicated in the document.

FIATA Warehouse Receipt (FWR) – FIATA Warehouse Receipt. The freight forwarder often provides warehousing services. When doing so he has to issue a receipt for the merchandise. The FWR is a Warehouse Receipt for use in freight forwarders warehousing operations. It is a standard document mainly used at national level.

FIATA FBL – The FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading (FBL) is a carrier-type transport document set up by FIATA for the use by freight forwarders acting as multimodal transport operators (MTO). The FBL can also be issued as a marine bill of lading. A freight forwarder acting as MTO or marine carrier issuing a FBL is responsible for the performance of transport. The freight forwarder does not onnly assume responsibility for delivery of the goods at destination, but also for all carriers and third parties engaged by him for the performance of whole transport.

FIATA SDT – Shippers Declaration of the Transport of Dangerous Goods. It the Freight forwarder deals with the transport of dangerous goods, he needs detailed information with regarding to the classification of the goods according to the dangerous goods regulations for the different modes of transport.

FIATA FWB – The FIATA Multimodal Transport Waybill is a carrier-type transport document set up by FIATA for the use by freight forwarders acting as MTO. Tha FWB can also be used as sea waybill.

FFI – FIATA ekspedijavimo instrukcijos: Ekspeditoriai dažniausiai patys sukuria ir išspausdina savo ekspedijavimo instrukcijų formas, kurios turi būti užpildomos klientų. Tačiau įvairių ekspeditorių instrukcijų formos yra nevienodos.Siekdama šias instrukcijas kiek įmanoma labiau suvienodinti FIATA pateikė savo ekspedijavimo instrukcijos modelį. Forma atitinka Jungtinių Tautų pagrindinių tarptautinės prekybos dokumentų standartus.