The "Lean Green Digital Business 2021" Conference

2021 10 14

On october 5th, Edmundas Daukantas, president of the "LINEKA" association, took part in the "Lean Green Digital Business 2021" conference.

The following topical topics were discussed during the conference:

- "Direction: efficiency, green course and digital transformation, or how we can become regional leaders";

- "Digital Transformation and Culture";

- "LEAN, sustainability and digital: a new norm in the construction industry";

- "The Human Side of Lean, Green, Digital Transformation";

- "Will green energy really be green?";

- "Transformation of service business: from traditional to digital business of freelancers";

- "Green hydrogen - the connecting link of future energy";

- "Synergy of LEAN, green course and digitization".

During the event, the head of Toyota's hydrogen technology supply and research department in Europe, Ferry M. M. Franz, said that the future of car transport does not belong to electric cars, but to hydrogen-powered vehicles.

These topics are extremely relevant for the "Lineka" association, because the logistics and forwarding markets of the whole world are moving more and more rapidly towards the green direction and digitization.