FIATA Region Europe Meeting

2021 07 09

CEO, Evelina Maškalaitė, representing the Lithuanian National Association of Freight Forwarders and Logistics "Lineka", participated in the FIATA Regional Meeting on 8 July 2021, where topics related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the logistics and transport sectors, the mitigation measures being initiated, the EU Mobility Package, and the Sustainable Logistics Strategies were discussed. 
Meeting Agenda:
1. Start of the event:
2. Discussion Topic 2: Working on Innovations for Pandemic Recovery in the Aftermath of the "Covid-19" Pandemic<
The Chair stressed the importance of cooperation with all bodies and CLECAT on this topic, in view of the global impact EU initiatives such as the Recovery Fund will have. The Chair also mentioned the need to set up working groups for this. Robert Windsor suggested exchanging best practices on this topic and analysing which lessons we should learn from the perspective of freight forwarders.
3. 2nd Discussion Topic 2: A blueprint for defining the Sustainable Logistics and the Green Europe Strategies

The Chair underlined the importance of the cooperation with WGSL and CLECAT in the context of the European Green Deal and its Sustainable Institute's commitment to GLEC. The Chair of WGSL asked for input from the European region to develop a common industry picture
of the working group. Decision point: there is a need to liaise with the Working Group on Sustainable Logistics to work on this topic and start a call for volunteers to join the Working Group.

4. 3rd Discussion topic: the EU Mobility Package and Road Transposition Restrictions
The Chair proposed to set up a working group on the topic and to explore ways of cooperation with Clecat on related EU legislation and its several joint meetings with the Roads Institute and the WG ROAD.

Decided: there is a need to communicate with WG ROAD to work on this topic and to invite volunteers to join the WG.

5. 4th panel discussion topic: Youth education in logistics.
Robert Windsor stressed the need to encourage educational reform to interest young logistics professionals. Mauro Dr Ros stressed the need for more focus on the green aspect of business, digitalisation, and other topics relevant to today's youth.