FIATA diploma - a unique opportunity for professional career growth

2023 08 29

Dear logistics and trade professionals,

We would like to inform you about a special opportunity to expand your knowledge, improve your skills and acquire proof of international prestige - the FIATA Forwarder's Diploma. FIATA (International Federation of Forwarders Associations) is a world leader in international logistics. FIATA diplomas are based on the international standards and requirements of freight forwarders and are therefore universally recognized as the highest quality certificates.

The FIATA diploma is an international recognition that you have the knowledge and skills of freight forwarders. This can be helpful for a successful career as a freight forwarder. With the FIATA diploma, you will have international recognition as a qualified freight forwarder. This will increase your confidence and give you more opportunities to build relationships with customers and partners and give you a competitive advantage when doing business in the international market.

After successfully completing the training program and passing the exam, each participant will be awarded an official FIATA Forwarder Diploma. This diploma will not only testify to your skills and knowledge, but will also give you the opportunity to gain recognition in the international logistics community and increase your career opportunities.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of a unique opportunity to improve your skills, gain international recognition and contribute to the growth of your professional career. We look forward to welcoming you to our training!

Training courses start on September 13.

Registration and more details:
Phone: +370 603 43 263