Conference about new geopolitical challenges for the region and business

2022 04 07

On April 7, Lineka Vice President Tautginas Sankauskas participated in the conference "New Geopolitical Challenges for Regions and Business" held at the Ukmergė Culture Center and discussed social investments, the most important events and their consequences with other invited business, political and society leaders.

The event program :

  • 9.00 Registration.
  • 10.00 Greetings. Sigitas Leonavičius, president of VPPAR, Rolandas Janickas, mayor of Ukmergė district.
  • 10.20 EU response to the war in Ukraine caused by Russia. Marius Vaščega, Head of the European Commission in Lithuania.
  • 10.50 The war in Ukraine and other geopolitical challenges for the Lithuanian economy. Kotryna Tamoševičienė, head of the Macroeconomics and Forecasting Department of the Economics Department of the Bank of Lithuania.
  • 11.20 Public gathering in crisis situations. Liudvika Gražulienė, Department of Social Dialogue of the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.
  • 11.50 Coffee break
  • 12.20 Life on the edge of war, new geopolitical challenges. Vytis Jurkonis, VU TSPMI lecturer.
  • 12.40 Examples of successful cooperation with business. Edita Mončinskienė, head of the Ukmergė department of the Vilnius Customer Service Department of the Employment Service at the SADM of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • 13.00 NGO, self-government and business partnership during crises: lessons learned and examples of success. Ingrida Tauperytė, head of the Lithuanian Red Cross Network.
  • 13.20 Behavioral challenges of residents. Dovilė Končak, director of RAIT Group. 13.50 Lunch.